SizeGenetics: Does It Really Work?

A lot of men are concern about the size of their organ. Many feel that the size determines their manliness or at least this is what their partners made them feel when they are together. Well, there is no need to simply accept the reality and not doing anything about it. If improvement in growth will also make their marriage better then they better start looking for ways to make this happen. The good news is; penile growth can be achieved without going under the knife. How? Simply use SizeGenetics and witness the size transformation in no time! You can read more about it at SizeGenetics Reviews and Results (June 2017) – MRZ.



SizeGenetics is a penis extender and surprisingly, this is comfortable to use with significant results. It is manually operated and the procedure is very straightforward so no need to worry if you are a first timer. But what is the science behind all these? Below are the detailed information on how it works:

  1. Traction

Through traction, the tissue cells in your phallus will expand and ultimately grow. This will also allow gaps and tears to form.

  1. Division of cells

Since gaps are formed, cell division will take place. Cells will dive and proliferate to numbers that allow your penile shaft to grow on the chambers in your penis.

  1. Gain higher capacity

With penile growth, more blood can pool in. Hence, this organ’s size will improve and growth will become permanent.

  1. Extension ligaments

According to studies conducted, SizeGenetics proves to be effective in creating ligaments extension that allows pubic bone attachment. Hence, your “little buddy” will hang lower.

Take note that the expected permanent growth will not happen overnight. This will take time and requires a lot of patience. However, you are assured that SizeGenetics work! Many made their statement about this product and the majority of them testified how their lives changed when size improvement was attained. There are thousands of men whose self-esteem boosted with the larger size that they acquired over time.

Why many use it

It’s a comfortable extender- this is what SizeGenetics users often say. Hence, they won’t mind wearing it for hours. It may be painful to think to have the device attached to your organ for long but surprisingly, it’s not as hard as you think. In fact, many even wear this during the entire day and feel as if nothing is there, even when at work or going somewhere for an errand.

How to use

Just follow the simple directions below:

  1. Attach the white base ring carefully to your penis. This is the part that has elongation bars.
  2. Adjust the length of the elongation bars to at least 1 centimeter more than the maximum length of your organ’s flaccid.
  3. Squeeze the front head piece of the device to elongation bars.
  4. Attach the head of your penis to the device.
  5. To keep the device in place, tighten the rubber strap with its lip right must be under your glans.
  6. To increase tension, make minor bar adjustments. However, this must not be done during the first weeks.

Final Words

The only way for you to know if SizeGenetics works is by giving it a try. Taking the chance for growth improvement is always worth the investment. And you will be surprised at the effect for it can be life changing!