According to William James; a renowned American psychologist and philosopher, we only use a small part of our mental and physical resources. This explains why humans can survive even after losing a great portion of their brain. One example for this is the case of Phineas Gage who survived after an iron rod entered and exited his skull. He only died 12 years after the tragic accident. This explains that the brain is a very flexible organ. It can even rework itself when so that the function can be re-assigned to the uninhibited area.

However, this does not mean that we are not using a large area of our brain. The point is; we are not using 100% of our brain at all times. And you can never underestimate the power of your brain. In fact, when you are awake, your brain can generate 10-23 watts, enough power to light a bulb!

It is interesting to note though that there are people who discover their expertise after going through a brain injury. Such event is called as “Acquired Savant Syndrome”. According to experts, this happens because when the brain gets injured, it has the possibility of creating new neural pathways in order to compensate done to the brain tissues. Such condition leads to Synaesthesia. This is when a savant goes through 1 sensory input using another sense. Example of this is visualizing sound allowing one to become an expert pianist without even going through training. The movie; “Limitless” opens doors of countless opportunities in the world of Neuropharmacology. It pays to understand your brain’s neural pathways and the mechanisms that go along with it. With more discoveries to be found, the greater chances there will be for new smart drugs invention. In fact, it wouldn’t be surprising if one day, there will be a drug that can cure autism.


The good thing about pharmacology is that; what seems to be mysterious today can be something that makes sense in the future. Illnesses like tuberculosis and many others used to be a deadly disease but turned out to be easily treated these days. Smart drugs that will make your mind limitless can be impossible for now. So everyone settle for Nootropic drug which hopes to offer just a fraction of what NZT can offer. But the future has limitless opportunities and this does not exclude coming up with potent smart drugs that can maximize the power of your brain. To learn more about limitless pills, check out